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Dr Hulda Clark:
" The story of your personal pollution unfolds as in a book. Look closely and you see the whole panorama of your numerous tiny invaders being held at bay by your valiant immune system & your white blood cells. You can see what they are fighting besides the invaders. Your ill-chosen diet and lifestyle products!"...

"Despite the presence of aflatoxins, benzopyrenes, and solvents in many foods,  it is possible to have a delicious and safe diet.

Dr Clark only recommends a Digital Frequency Generator Zapper
(see Dr Clarks book CFAD Pg. 502)
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Parasite Life Cycle (2011)

"Dr Hulda Clark's investigations continued to discover the links between Parasites and medically "incurable diseases". What was originally thought to be an irreversible medical disease or condition, was now discovered under Dr Clark's microscope to be a disease created by the incubation of parasites in the human body. By eliminating these Parasites by using carefully selected Frequencies on her Digital Frequency Generator, Dr Hulda Clark gave birth to the possibility of curing many incurable diseases including Cancer , Diabetes & MS."


 Dr Joanna Budwig; Flaxseed Oil & Cottage Cheese Diet

Dr Joanna Budwigs Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese Diet

The basis of Dr. Budwig's program is simply the use of flaxseed oil blended with low fat cottage cheese (FOCC).
Dr. Budwig states in her book, Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis Heart Infarction Cancer and Other Diseases: “I often take very sick cancer patients away from hospital where they are said to have only a few days left to live, or perhaps only a few hours.

This is mostly accompanied by very good results…in the hospital it was said that they could no longer urinate or produce bowel movements. They suffered from dry coughing without being able to bring up any mucous. Everything was blocked. It greatly encourages them when suddenly the fats with their wealth of electrons, start reactivating the vital functions and the patient immediately begins to feel better.”

After three decades of research Dr. Budwig, a six-time Nobel Prize nominee, found that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients was always, without exception, deficient in certain important essential ingredients such as phosphatides and lipoproteins. (The blood of a healthy person always contains sufficient quantities of these essential ingredients. However, without these natural ingredients cancer cells grow wild and out of control.)

Blood analysis showed a strange greenish-yellow substance in place of the healthy red oxygen carrying haemoglobin that belongs there. This explained why cancer patients weaken and become anemic. This startling discovery led Dr. Budwig to test her theory.

She found that when these natural ingredients were replaced over approximately a three month period, tumors gradually receded. The strange greenish elements in the blood were replaced with healthy red blood cells as the phosphatides and lipoproteins almost miraculously reappeared. Weakness and anemia disappeared and life energy was restored. In symptoms of cancer, liver dysfunction and diabetes were completely alleviated.

Dr. Budwig then discovered an all-natural way for people to replace those essential ingredients in their bodies. These two natural foods, organic flax seed oil & cottage cheese) must be eaten together to be effective since one triggers the properties of the other to be released.

In the mid 1950's, Dr. Budwig began her long and meticulous research on the importance of essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic) in the diet. Her subsequent discoveries and announcements sparked mixed reactions. While the general public was eager for this information, German manufacturers of commercial dietary fats (margarine, hard shortening, vegetable oils) went to extremes to prevent her from publishing her findings.

Dr. Budwig preached against the use of what she calls "pseudo" fats. In order to extend the shelf life of their products, manufacturers use chemical processes that render their food products harmful to the body. These harmful fats go by a number of names, including "hydrogenated," "partially hydrogenated" and even "polyunsaturated."

The chemical processing of fats destroys the vital electron cloud within the fat. Once the electrons have been removed, these fats can no longer bind with oxygen, and they actually become a harmful substance deposited within the body. The heart, for instance, rejects these fats and they end up as inorganic fatty deposits on the heart muscle itself.

Chemically processed fats are not water-soluble when bound to protein. They end up blocking circulation, damage heart action, inhibit cell renewal, and impede the free flow of blood and lymph fluids. The bio-electrical action in these areas slows down and may become completely paralyzed. The entire organism shows a measurable loss of electrical energy which is replenished only by adding active lipids to the diet. These nutritional fats are vital.

Science has proven that fats play an important role in the functioning of the entire body. Fats (lipids) are vital for all growth processing, renewal of cells, brain and nerve functions, even for the sensory organs (eyes and ears), and for the body's adjustment to heat, cold and quick temperature changes. Our energy resources are based on lipid metabolism. To function efficiently, cells require true polyunsaturated, live electron-rich lipids, present in abundance in raw flaxseed oil. True polyunsaturated fats greedily absorb proteins and oxygen and pump them through the system.

Lipids are only water-soluble and free-flowing when bound to protein; thus the importance of protein-rich cottage cheese. When high quality, electron-rich fats are combined with proteins, the electrons are protected until the body requires energy. This energy source is then fully and immediately available to the body on demand, as nature intended.

"What Dr. Johanna Budwig has demonstrated to my initial disbelief but lately, to my complete satisfaction in my practice is: CANCER IS EASILY CURABLE, the treatment is dietary/lifestyle, the response is immediate; the cancer cell is weak and vulnerable; the precise biochemical breakdown point was identified by her in 1951 and is specifically correctable, in vitro (test-tube) as well as in vivo (real)..." stated Dr. Roehm, an oncologist, in the Townsend Letter for Doctors, July 1990. Dr. Roehm further claimed: "… this diet is far and away the most successful anti-cancer diet in the world".

General Rules
The patient has no nourishment on day #1 other than 250 ml (8.5 oz) of Flax Oil with honey plus freshly squeezed fruit juices (no sugar added*). In the case of a very ill person, champagne may be added on the first day in place of juice and is taken with the Flax Oil and honey. Champagne is easily absorbable and has a serious purpose here.

1. Sugar Is Absolutely Forbidden. Grape juice may be added to sweeten any other freshly squeezed juices.
2. Other 'forbiddens' are:
• All animal fats.
• All Salad Oils (this included commercial mayonnaise)
• All Meats (chemicals & hormones)
• Butter
• Margarine
• Preserved Meats (the preservatives block metabolism even of Flax Oil)
3. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices are fine - carrot, celery, apple, and red beet.
4. Three times daily a warm tea is essential - peppermint, rose hips or grape tea -

Daily Plan:
* Before breakfast - a glass of Acidophilus milk or Sauerkraut juice is taken.
* Breakfast - Muesli (regular cereal) is overlaid with 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of Flax Oil and honey and fresh fruit according to season - berries, cherries, apricots, peaches, grated apple. Vary the flavor from day to day. Use any nuts except peanuts* Herbal teas as desired or black tea. A 4 oz (120 g) serving of ‘The Spread’ (directions below). This is fine to eat 'straight' like a custard, or add it to other foods taken in the day as you will see.
* Morning tea (10am) - A glass of fresh carrot juice, apple, celery, or beet-apple juice is taken.
* Lunch - Raw salad with yoghurt-Flax Oil Mayonnaise (directions below).
* In addition to 'greens' salads, use grated turnips, carrots, kohlrabi, radishes, sauerkraut, or cauliflower. A fine powder of horseradish, chives, or parsley may be added for flavor.
* Cooked Meal Course - Steamed vegetables, potatoes, or such grains as rice, buckwheat, or millet may be served. To these add either ‘The Spread’ (See below) or ‘The Mayo’ (See below) - for flavor and to up your intake of Flax Oil. Also, mix ‘The Spread’ with potatoes for an especially hearty meal. Add caraway, chives, parsley, or other herbs.
* Dessert - Mix fresh fruit other than those used for breakfast with ‘The Spread’, this time (instead of honey), flavored using cream of lemon, vanilla, or berries.
* Afternoon Tea (4pm) - A small glass of natural wine (no preservatives) or champagne or fresh fruit juice with 1-2 tablespoons of honey-coated Flax Seeds.
* Supper - Have this early, at 6pm. Make a hot meal using buckwheat, oat or soy cakes. Grits from buckwheat are the very best and can be placed in a vegetable soup, or in a more solid form of cakes with herbal sauce. Sweet sauces & soups can always be given far more healing energy by adding ‘The Spread’. Only honey or grape juice can be used for sweeteners. NO white sugar (or brown*) Only freshly squeezed juices and NOT reconstituted juices (preservative danger) may be used. These must be completely natural.

How to prepare 'The Spread':

Place 250 ml (8.5 oz) flaxseed oil into a mixer bowl and add one pound (450 g) of 1% cottage cheese (i.e. low fat, for example Quark) and add 4 tablespoons (60 ml) of Honey.

Turn on the mixer and add just enough low fat milk or water to get the contents of the bowl to blend in together. In 5 minutes, a preparation of custard consistency results that has NO taste of the oil (and no oily 'ring' should be seen when you rinse out the bowl). Alternatively, you can use yoghurt instead of cottage cheese in proportions of 1 oz (30 g) of yoghurt to 1 tablespoon (15 ml) each of flaxseed oil and of honey and blend as above.

Note: When flaxseed oil is blended like this, it does not cause diarrhoea even when given in large amounts. It reacts chemically with the (sulphur) proteins of the cottage cheese, yoghurt, etc.

How to prepare 'The Mayo' (Mayonnaise):
1. Mix together 2 tablespoons (30 ml) flaxseed Oil, 2 tablespoons (30 ml) milk, and 2 tablespoons (30 ml) yoghurt.
2. Then add 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar) and add 1 teaspoon (2.5g) mustard plus some herbs such as marjoram or dill.
3. Next, add 2 or 3 slices of health food store pickles (no preservatives! - read label!)
and a pinch of herbal salts.

Flaxseed oil is readily denatured by oxygen, heat, and light. That's why it is used in paint. Rancid oil is bad for health, so oil MUST be carefully produced, packed under nitrogen in lightproof containers, refrigerated until used, used as fresh as possible, and stabilized with protein (The Spread, etc) promptly once the container is opened.

Flaxseeds may also be used. Seeds need only be cracked in a food blender, or they may be ground in a coffee grinder. One needs three times the amount of seeds to get the oil equivalent. Seeds are high in calories, so one may gain weight. The seeds are also high in soluble fibre, so blending with liquid tends to produce ever-hardening "jellies". Fresh-cracked seed sprinkled on muesli & eaten promptly tastes great.

Supplement a Cottage Cheese / flaxseed diet with a digital zapper for amazing results!



(1) Technology -
Zapping Pathogens at the correct frequencies (Zapper Digital)...
Purchase a Frequency Generator, like Zapper Digital LCD or MHZ Machine -
Use this electro-therapy device daily to kill ,parasites and pathogens in the body.
Follow the Royal Rife CAFL frequency book for the correct frequencies to target
specific diseases or parasites through electro-therapy

(2) ADD -
Follow a new Healthy Diet!
Select foods which are fresh, natural and living, rather than manufactured food products
Add a Diet you can manage, that tastes good and makes you feel good too.
See the Diet choices above under "Therapies" in the main menu

Subtract foods from your body that cause a build up of toxins in your blood and vital organs,
Subtract manufactured foods and drinks.. Substitute for fresh and living food products

(4) Detox -
Follow a natural cleansing program every few weeks, Choose programs that
focus on detoxification of the vital organs. See the "Cleanses" menu under "Therapies"
in the main menu

(5) Educate -
Take your health into your own hands and get educated.
More people die each year from pharmaceutical drugs than from illegal drugs
"Popping" a pill will mask a problem, not fix it.
Chinese medicine says "It is the weakened body that created the disease, not the pathogen, not
the bacteria, not the virus"

To help you on the path, I have included a free Software Pack:
The Herbal Doctor, which has instant information on Herbs and Formulas
To assist your path to a new healthy you.

Click Here to Download Your Free Copy of  The Herbal Doctor

The Zapper Digital Series

Zapper Digital Dial Version

"Zapper Digital LCD 2011 Model"   The Advanced Frequency Generator. 

- Fully Programmable Digital Zapper
- LCD display gives accuracy up to 2 decimal points.  (0999.99Khz)
- Frequency Range: 0000.01Khz - 0999.99Khz (≈ 1MHz)
- Lab Tested Pure Square Waveform on all Rife frequencies
- Square Waveform:  4MHZ Microprocessor Audio Frequency
- Harmonic Frequency Range:  Lab Tested Harmonic Waveform periodic on 100% of Frequencies
- Uninterruptable Program Sequences
- Automatic function plus manual over-ride.
- Voltage Output: 4.5 - 5 Volts DC
- ¼ Volt Positive Offset
- 4Mhz Core Quartz Crystal
- Power Adapter Rating:  1 AMP,
- 2 Wriststrap Connectors
- Power Frequency Output up to 1000KHZ 
- All Countries DC Switching mode Power Supply Adapter (US110v - 230/240/250v)
- 1000KHz Output
- Idle Mode: Default Mode ,<i> Zapper Digital LCD waits for your instructions
- Program Mode:  <P> Press P to Program 10 Frequency Ranges
- Run Mode: <R> Press Run to run any frequency full time
- Sweep Mode: <S> Press Sweep to Run a Frequency Set at intervals of 10 minutes per program
Purchase Zapper Digital LCD model if .....

(1) You require a 1 Megahertz Programmable Zapper with a 4Mhz Quartz Crystal Core
(2) Output to 2 wriststraps is sufficient enough. (Only 2 x Output available on LCD Model)
(3) You prefer Zapper Digital run all the frequency sets for you, automatically
(4) You want a machine that does not require buying "extra memory keys"  (Frequency Sets are Programmed in)
(5) You require a Digital Zapper that can run larger frequency ranges up to 1000Khz

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Zapper Digital Dial Version

"Zapper Digital LCD Megahertz "  The Professional model. 

- Suits Doctors or Natural Therapist Clinical use
- 1 Million Hertz frequencies
- Programmable from  0000.01Khz  to 1 Million Hertz
- 10 Program selections
- 20Mhz Crystal Audio frequency modulation waveform
- 20Mhz Crystal Arbitrary Square waveform
- Lab Tested Pure Square Waveform on all Rife frequencies
- Harmonic Frequency Range:  Lab Tested Harmonic Waveform periodic on 100% of Frequencies
- Uninterruptable Program Sequences
- Automatic function plus manual over-ride.
- Voltage Output: 4.5 - 5 Volts DC
- ¼ Volt Positive Offset
- 20Mhz Core Quartz Crystal
- Power Adapter Rating:  1 AMP,
- Quad Wriststrap Connectors
- Power Frequency Output up to 1000KHZ 
- All Countries DC Switching mode Power Supply Adapter (US110v - 230/240/250v)
- 1000KHz Output
- Idle Mode: Default Mode ,<i> Zapper Digital LCD waits for your instructions
- Program Mode:  <P> Press P to Program 10 Frequency Ranges
- Run Mode: <R> Press Run to run any frequency full time
- Sweep Mode: <S> Press Sweep to Run a Frequency Set at intervals of 10 minutes per program
Purchase Zapper Digital Megahertz model if .....

(1) You own a Professional Clinic or Natural Therapy Center
(2) Higher fractional decimal point accuracy is important to you
(3) Requirements for 1 Million frequency selections are essential
(5) You require the higher accuracy of a 20Mhz Quartz Crystal Core
(6) You want a machine that does not require buying "extra memory keys"  (Frequency Sets are Programmed in)
(7) You require QUAD Zapping, through 4 Wriststraps simultaneously.  (ZD-Megahertz is the only model that does QUAD Zapping)

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"Zapper Digital Frequency Generator" was born from Dr Clark's discoveries: A machine that provided the exact frequencies produced by Dr Clark's original Clinic model: (Page 502 C.F.A.D.)

 Dr Susan James Recommends Zapper Digital

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